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Press Release - MAR 6, 2017

Buxton Helmsley Sustains Significant Outperformance of S&P 500 Index

NEW YORK, N.Y. (Mar. 6, 2017) - New York City-based asset management firm Buxton Helmsley has sustained its market outperformance, delivering an average gain in non-401(k) accounts of 25.88% (net of advisory fees) since November 1, 2016. Over that same reporting period, the S&P 500 index delivered less than half that return at 12.93%.

"Although the recent equity market rally has made it increasingly difficult to find securities with an attractive risk-reward complex, that has not stopped us from delivering for our investors," says Alexander Parker, Senior Managing Director at Buxton Helmsley. "Should the equity market continue to rally, we will distribute our equity investments back to the market at an even greater rate than now, however, we are taking it day-by-day at this point."

A supplemental report prepared by the custodial broker of Buxton Helmsley outlining this performance may be found by visiting: http://www.buxtonhelmsley.com/files/performance_032017.pdf. Relevant disclosures surrounding performance disclosed herein and within the supplemental report follow immediately below this media release.

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Relevant Disclosures: The referenced S&P 500 return of 12.93% is a time-weighted cumulative return from the close of the market on November 1th, 2016 to March 2nd, 2017. The referenced 25.88% return is the time-weighted cumulative return of all accounts managed by The Buxton Helmsley Group, Inc., excluding those accounts of which itself or an affiliated entity holds a proprietary interest (directly or indirectly), managed 401(k) accounts and "BH Select Portfolios" (roboadvisory) accounts. A report which outlines day-by-day reporting of these referenced accounts compared to the S&P 500 benchmark may be obtained by requesting it via the press contact listed herein.

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