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With 70% of family wealth being lost by the second generation, it is undeniable that the average effort to sustain wealth is simply not enough. Buxton Helmsley is a preferred asset management and financial services firm for many reasons, but most notably due to the level of thought put before every decision. There is no room for error for those who want to ensure wealth sustains for generations to come.
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Meet Our Founder

Alexander E. Parker

As seen in Forbes, Wall Street Journal publications, American Express publications and TheStreet.com.

Mr. Parker brings a wealth of financial and capital market knowledge with him, along with a vast global network of connections and contacts to maximize resources available to both clients and internally at Buxton Helmsley. Parker currently serves as Managing Director at Buxton Helmsley Holdings, Inc., a private non-operating company based in New York City. Parker studied finance and economics at Mercy College of New York City and resides in the Manhattan borough of New York City.

Mr. Parker is licensed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority of the United States (FINRA) and is further certified by Bloomberg, LP in the equities, commodities, currencies and fixed income capital markets.


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