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Press Release - MAR 20, 2017

Buxton Helmsley Launches Automated Investing Platform

NEW YORK, N.Y. (Mar. 20, 2017) - In line with its continued efforts to maximize the availability of its premium investment services, Buxton Helmsley has launched "BH Select Portfolios", the firm's automated investing platform that is geared to cater to individual investors that do not meet the firm's minimum investible asset requirements. Individuals who meet the firm's minimum investible asset requirements are eligible to work with the firm directly for more customized, one-on-one investment advice. The platform will recommend a portfolio of ETF products based on the stated financial objectives of each platform user and feature both commission-free trading and portfolio rebalancing.

"The amount of individuals that we were having to virtually deny investment advice due to their inability to meet our minimum asset requirements for new accounts was truly unsettling," says Alexander Parker, Senior Managing Director at Buxton Helmsley. "This new platform will now allow households around the United States, regardless of wealth levels, to benefit from our expertise in managing and building long-term wealth in a truly terrific way."

Instructions to register for access to BH Select Portfolios may be found here: https://www.buxtonhelmsley.com/bh-select-portfolios-register

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